The Internet is filed with all sort of nice applications and software solutions that you could use in order to edit your audio tracks and videos. One of such programs is Sequent.

It's a modular application with lots if effects for mangling audio both on stage and in the studio. It comes with lots of nice tools and features, neatly arranged in a very intuitive graphical interface.

The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually check out its features.

It sports a really neat and colorful graphical interface that makes it easy to mangle audio tracks. It has many controls on screen and lots of options that you can check out, so you shouldn't have any trouble with mangling audios using this application.

Sequent has seven individual effect blocks: a Beat Looper, two Filters, both switchable between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes and capable of self oscillation even without an audio input.

It comes with an oversampled Distortion unit; a Gate with variable depth and slew and a Panner. It also has a Delay unit capable of sub millisecond delay times, great for creating everything for from dub, slapback, and bouncing ball style echoes, to metallic comb filters or flanger effects.

Effect blocks can be connected in practically limitless ways by dragging virtual audio cables between them. Route effects in parallel, in series, or any other combination you can dream of.

Each effect parameter has its own step sequencer, perfect for building interesting modulation motifs. Easily craft polyrhythmic sounds by individually setting the number of steps and speed for each effect.

You can cut-up and rebuild audio in realtime. Use Sequent's flexible Looper to create anything from subtle loop variations, to micro-programmed glitches. All in all, Sequent is a very nice application for mangling audios.