An efficient security option for your applications is a serial key. Not only does it make your product a little harder to steal, bit can also let you keep track of the distribution. Specialized software utilities such as SerialKey Builder can be used if you want to quickly get ahold of several unique character strings.

The application gives you the possibility to create endless types of keys, whether numerical, alphabetical or combined. Both ways in which you can do this will only take a moment.

There is a wizard function put at your disposal that will guide you through a series of steps. You will be required to specify the type of characters that are used to create your unique key, an even if they should be uppercase or lowercase, if choosing alphabetic.

Furthermore, delimiters can be used after a certain number of characters, also a prefix and suffix can be added. Last but not least, you can save the newly created batch of serial keys either to clipboard or to a file for later use.

Another method would be to switch to the advanced menu. You will have all available options to work with at your disposal in the main window. The only difference from the wizard is that you have to manually write down how the serial key looks like in the field. You are even shown an example to let you know if you are on the right path.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SerialKey Builder offers a quick and efficient solution to create a batch of unique character strings to protect your application with. The user interface is cleverly simple, with no need to bring up the help menu in order to know your way around.