If you are working in the logistics, human resources or other department that commonly deals with sensitive information, then you are probably aware of the importance of keeping the data safe.

SerialSafe Portable is a utility designed to help you keep critical data, such as passwords, serials or license files, secure in one location where you can manage it easily.

The setup is as easy as it get, especially since it entails decompressing the archive without any further configuration. Upon launch, you are welcomed by an uncluttered and neat interface that consists of 2 main panels.

The left panel acts as a dashboard panel where you can preview the list of products, whereas the right pane enables you to fill in extra information about your goods or accounts. Since this is a portable version, it means that you can access the data from any location.

On a side note, you can include the local installer path or the download link with every entry. The feature makes it easier for you to check for updates regularly and make sure you are running the latest app versions on your computer. It goes without saying that running the most recent versions can be considered an extra security step.

The application enables you to create extensive databases that feature hundreds or thousands of products and the reliable search function stands proof of that. While it can handle large volumes of data, you should keep in mind that it can affect the responsiveness of the database.

Then again, you can overcome this inconvenience by simply disabling the compact database feature and performing the conversions and transfers manually.

It is worth mentioning that the utility can only import CSV, TXT and XML document formats, although it allows you to attach a wider range of files associated with the products. Simply put, you can include lists, manuals, guides and screenshots in standard file formats (BMP, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.).

In the eventuality you are looking for a reliable utility capable of handling large volumes of data securely, then SerialSafe Portable could be the app to lend you a hand.