Maintaining online content can sometimes be very prone to server instability and this is why keeping your server up and running smoothly is of utmost importance. Of course, manually performing check-ups is one way of addressing the issue, but this is not a long-term solution, especially as efficiency is concerned. Server Check promises to take care of things when it comes to server maintenance, offering users with accessible means for performing close monitoring of their servers.

The application features a well-thought layout, which comes packed with several, tiled inner windows, which can all be resized and re-arranged, according to your specific requirements.

Furthermore, all of the main commands for running the functions that are provided by the application are also offered as on-screen buttons, for quick access and in order to provide an easy alternative for those who prefer a more direct working process.

The main highlight of the app is represented by the PING and HTTP tests that are on offer, as well as their corresponding results’ visualizations. Three, main dedicated charts offer a good overview of the numerical values.

In order to further enhance the plot views, users benefit from three visualization options, which can be easily toggled, on-demand, if the circumstances require a different view of the results.

Regardless if you’re a full-time professional who works with servers and seeks for a tool to perform regular check-ups, or, an amateur running a website on a personal server, this app offers a good way to assess the PING and HTTP responses and visualize their respective values in a customizable graph.