If you have numerous multimedia files on your computer and you want to stream them to your TV, smartphone, tablet, PlayStation 3 or XBox 360, you simply need compatible DLNA-compatible devices and a dedicated application like Serviio that can function like a dedicated server.

Serviio is a reliable software solution that can be used to easily stream multimedia contents within your home network, to any device you prefer. You simply need to make sure you have Java installed onto the host computer, then proceed and also install Serviio.

Once you manually start the UPnP/DLNA server, Serviio will automatically look for and detect compatible devices, then allow you to choose the one you want to use (depending on the target device, profile can be customized so as to maximize the app’s functions or to ensure all multimedia files can be correctly played).

The next step is to select the folders that you want to share and monitor for multimedia files, as well as specify the type of files you want to share for each directory, be they audio tracks, videos or images. You can also enable Serviio to retrieve description metadata for your files, then customize the type of information that should be available when the contents is streamed.

Furthermore, you can also add online sources to be streamed to your devices, as long as you specify its type (online RSS/Atom feed, Live stream or Web resource), enter the source URL and adjust the display name. This way you can be sure you get to enjoy your preferred podcast or TV program even if your PC is currently used by another user.

All in all, Serviio can come in handy to all those who feel they are wasting their multimedia files on their computers and want to broadcast them to other devices they use more regularly. A paid license will be required if you want to use the application and all its functions indefinitely.