Set Point is a small tool that automatically sets System Restore points for Windows Millennium and Windows XP.

Created by Set Point The Windows System Restore utility allows the user to undo changes in the Windows Registry and file system.

You have the option of setting your system back to a previous date and time. It is simple to use, simply select a few options and it will do the rest.

Tell Set Point what time of day you want to create a new System Restore point and how many days apart.

Or you can have Set Point create a new restore point once a day every day, when you first boot up in the morning or while you are out to lunch, or anytime you wish.

Set Point makes it easy, you don't have to remember to make a new restore point; and you don't have to fumble around to find the Sysem Restore utility. Set Point does this all for you. This is the tool Microsoft forgot to add with Windows XP and Windows ME.


■ 30 day trial