SetupVPN Lifetime Free VPN for Firefox offers free VPN services, with the flexibility of allowing you to choose the desired location, quickly validate the IP change, or create and secure an account with code authentication or with email and password.

Today, the need to access content from other geolocation is needed even for basic, day-to-day activities. This is no longer a requirement for power users or sophisticated troubleshooting tasks only, for example.

As such, there is an increase in the number of VPN services. Although SetupVPN Lifetime Free VPN is not extremely sophisticated, the service's prices are extremely convenient and even for the free forever version, the connectivity is fast and stable. As such, if in need of a free resource, this browser add-on and the overall service are great and surely worth trying.

Adding the add-on to your browser's toolkit of extensions and enhancers is a great idea. The small utility does not impact your system's resources too much and it can easily be activated. Moreover, if you want to avoid creating an account with your email, you can register for an anonymous account and use a randomly generated authentication code for login.

After adding and entering the account, you can opt for the free locations, the premium ones (only for paid accounts), or the residential ones. In the free version, you can change your IP's source outlook to be from Canada, Netherlands, UK, India, Poland, France, Japan, Sweeden, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Ukraine, US, Italy, Russia, or Austria.

Also, it is important to mention that the SetupVPN service offers transparency about the risks associated with using a simple VPN browser extension, and they also offer a fix. When enabling a VPN to hide your IP, although this can be done pretty easily, there is still the risk to have IP WebRTC leaks (a vulnerability that can sometimes expose your real IP); as such, for protecting you against that, you can install the SetupVPN's recommended extension WebRTC Leak Shield.

This VPN solution is flexible and has multi-platform service support that is both cheap and effective. Also, in the paid format, you can buy one license and synchronize it across devices, which is a favorable fact.

Additionally, with SSL-encrypted communication between the servers and the clients, and with IP and zero-configuration needed, you have the added benefits of safety and accessibility.