In case you’re distributing different types of data or even custom programs, it’s best to bundle them in an easy deployment package. Doing this with code can be a pain, but this is where specialized applications like Sfx-Factory! come in handy. Guided by a wizard-driven process, it’s sure to help you create an installer in a short while.

You first need to install the application for everything to work fine, but this is also the chance to get an idea what the result looks like. It might not be much, but you get to work with a decent amount of customization options, providing more flexibility in terms of visuals.

The whole process is wrapped around a step-by-step configuration layout, with all areas you need to cover shown in a navigation panel. In case you forgot to add details, you can return either through navigation buttons or selecting the area from the list.

General info needs to be added first, such as project info, company details, and more. Initial steps also give you the possibility to create an archive on the spot with files you want to deploy, or even use an existing one.

In case you followed advanced setup in the information screen, registry dependencies can also be added through the target directory area. In addition, you can choose to have a set of commands issued once the installer is done, like running the program, or restarting the computer for proper integration.

For visuals, you can fit the background with a custom image that needs to be under the BMP format, or combine different colors for a simple layout. Font options aren’t abundant, but there’s also a set of effects for the program title for a bit more variety.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Sfx-Factory! is a practical utility with which you can easily create distribution packages for flawless installation of different kind of programs. The wizard-driven process makes sure you don’t get stuck along the way, while requirements are neatly organized to make the whole operation effortless, and smooth.