Share Outlook Calendar Accross 2 or More Computers has a a name that reveals its purpose even before the first interaction with the user. It is designed to provide a comfortable method to share an Outlook calendar with other users or colleagues in your team.

One of its strong points is the ease of use, since it allows you to synchronize the calendar content without requiring complex configurations or the use of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Outlook also features an option to share a calendar by sending it to your friends via e-mail, as attachments to a message. This application works in a similar way, making things even more easy by providing a simplistic GUI where you can manage the folders you want to sync and modify the access rights for each recipient.

The program automatically detects all the Outlook calendar folders and displays them in a tree-like structure to allow easy navigation. Right-clicking on a calendar is how you can add a new e-mail address to the list of recipients.

Each modification you make to the calendar is immediately sent to the mail addresses in the list once you press the 'Send Receive' button. But before you do so, make sure that you re-synchronized all the Outlook calendars.

Share Outlook Calendar Accross 2 or More Computers makes it easy for you to share and synchronize the content of your calendars with your family, friends or team members, as well as between multiple computers that you use. Furthermore, it does so without requiring you to configure a server or having you deal with complicated options.