Share Stuff is a practical and efficient piece of software whose main function resides in offering you the means of uploading files or events to Google Photos or  Calendar, YouTube and Flickr accounts, without resorting to a web browser to get the job done.

The application features a sufficiently straightforward and intuitive appearance, making it easy to handle from the first run, even if you have not crossed paths before with similar tools.

The various tabs in Share Stuff’s main window let you load ‘Photos’, ‘MultiMedia’ or ‘Calendar’ entries, while from the upper buttons, you can choose to upload them to Google, Flickr, YouTube or Google Calendar, all of which require you to input your access credentials.

Whenever you wish to load a new image, you just need to open it in the program. The supported formats include JPG, ICO, BM, PNG, GIF, TIF and WMF. Subsequently, you can pick the website where you intend to share it, either Google or Flickr, and input your account credentials.

Afterward, you can make a new album, upload an entire folder, use pictures from other applications and even describe the source photo or assign it various tags. You can then store it on the website with a click, a popup window informing you when the task is complete.

Alternately, you can upload videos to YouTube from the ‘MultiMedia’ section of Share Stuff, in a similar fashion or you can add new entries in your list of events on Google Calendar, including multiple details, such as start and end date, location or attendees.

To sum it up, Share Stuff is a handy and easy to understand utility created to offer you a simple method of uploading new content to your online accounts, being able to keep your friends updated about your pictures, movies or activities.