Even though you are the kind of person who enjoys reading a lot of interesting materials online, sometimes the circumstances make it hard for you to practice your hobby.

Share to Speech is an intuitive and easy to handle piece of software that allows you to convert text from news, articles, magazines or other similar sources of written material to audio files.

As you would expect from an app running on the latest versions of Windows, the utility comes wrapped up in a stylish user-friendly UI. In addition, you should know that you can even change its appearance by switching between the light and the dark themes.

The UI consists of a modern window that is neatly organized into 2 panels, one that enables you to view the primary function and another where you can include various texts to audio files that you can listen to later.

As you probably hinted, one of the program's functions is to allow you to copy entire passages into the designated fields, so you can listen to them spoken aloud. It is necessary to mention that you can select the preferred voice genre and the pitch, a feature that can make the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

While the utility also enables you to include broadcasts, you should know that there is a chance they may not be read. At times, the app does not allow you to listen to broadcasts in other languages other than your own.

On the other hand, it is important to underline that it does an excellent job at converting any text that you copy directly or upload (supports DOC, DOCX,  RTF, TXT, etc.) to MP3 files that you can enjoy from most devices when you have some free time.

All in all, Share to Speech is an efficient and reliable application that enables you to transform documents into audio files that you can listen to anytime and anywhere.