Sharez is a compact application that provides monitoring and control services for your computer or server. The application lets you execute simple tasks like shutting down the PC, rebooting it, locking it down, running scripts and more. Also, if there are active downloads, you can check the completion status in real-time.

Creating an account doesn't seem like a big deal, but concerning this app's methods of obtaining one, some users may disagree. The only way to set up the account involves and Android device. 

You first have to download this APK, install it, and proceed to create the account. After that, you can use the credentials to gain access to the Windows client. As a small note, the home page is also lacking a Sign Up button, so installing the mobile app becomes mandatory. 

After a quick glance at the interface, it can be noticed that the CPU and physical memory are monitored in real-time, so whenever your components are strained, the app will let you know. The server state is also displayed so you can know if the connection is lost or is working as intended.

Right under the Dashboard menu, you can get access to a neat tool that lets you process downloads. From within this tab, you can download files based on URLs. For example, if you want to transfer an archive from your device to your remote computer, you can provide the source link and begin the download. Of course, make sure you have the output location determined first.

Sharez is a remote monitoring utility that provides several controls over your computer and offers real-time data about the CPU and RAM workloads. Also, the compatibility with Android devices is a useful feature for users that are constantly on the move.