Music, or better yet sound in general, is not only a form of entertainment. Combining just the right frequencies and tones, can result in an ambiental or relaxing song. SHARM Studio is a powerful tool in which you can use to unleash your imagination and get an emotional result you can share through audio files.

If you are familiar with some of the most common audio editing applications, then you encounter no difficulties in using this one. A generous workspace is provided for you to fill with different colored bars that represent a category of sound.

This is easily done by dragging the mouse cursor next to the desired type, and simply adjust from the edges. A graph pane allows you to make careful adjustments to several sound components, and a properties panel gives you full control of the content of each element placed in the workspace.

The application can be used to create music that reaches several states of mind and consciousness. These are represented by stages you can add and modify, and offer visual support to better create the perfect tune for each one.

Some preset sessions give you the possibility to experience several states, for example of relaxation or for self confidence. Moreover, after you spend a lot of time end effort into creating a masterpiece capable of inducing emotions, you can to save and share with others.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SHARM Studio does not only offer a fun environment to work in, but also makes the result worthwhile. It gives you the possibility to take advantage of the large library of editable sounds it has to offer and not limited to adding your own or recording something new. It's a neat way to blast away tension after a hard day at work.