During your online browsing sessions, you are exposed to hundreds of advertisements on the pages you visit. And how annoying is to have an ad pop-up out of nowhere while you are reading something quite interesting or watching a video? Certainly, any computer user requires an ad-blocker. It’s only a matter of choice whether it comes in the form of a browser extension or a desktop application but, if you prefer the latter, Shelblock is a good option.

Shelblock is a desktop ad-blocker that promises to enhance your browsing experience by blocking ads and website trackers from web browsers and applications. Furthermore, it is capable to detect fraudulent and malicious sites, blocking phishing attempts and implementing a customizable parental control policy to protect the little members of your family.

By default, the application blocks both ads and sites detected as malicious, whether they are opened with a browser or by an application. You get to create whitelists that include webpages or applications you consider safe, with acceptable advertisements that are not intrusive or inconvenient. Blacklists can be created as well, for sites and apps you want blocked by Shelblock.

The main window of Shelblock displays the protection status, alongside statistics related to the number of blocked ads and trackers. The amount of saved data is also available. Additional statistics are displayed in a separate tab, where you can see the application the blocked ad belongs to.

You can easily control the behavior of the application by switching different modules on or off. Aside from ads in browsers and apps, Shelblock is configured to disable ads displayed by search engines, providing support for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Qwant.

The purpose of Shelblock is to help you enjoy your online sessions without getting interrupted by ads or feeling insecure due to the dangers that lurk on the corners of the Internet. However, please keep in mind that, although it comes with a few security-related features, Shelblock is mainly an ad blocker and cannot replace a full-featured antivirus solution.