Shibo the Keyboard Piano is a small audio application designed specifically for helping you play the piano from the comfort of your desktop and record the audio streams to a file on your computer.

The GUI looks straightforward and allows you to play the piano using your keyboard. The utility shows the keys of a virtual piano in the main window and automatically presses them when you trigger the sound via your keyboard.

Instructions about how to make the most out of the program’s capabilities are displayed directly in the main window. Its features are easy to work with so you can learn to configure them in no time.

You can change the current sound of the piano using the left and right navigation key on your computer keyboard and tweak the Reverb dial in order to alter the special effect. A few audio tweaks enable you to mute the sound and set up the driver and input/output device.

Shibo the Keyboard Piano gives you the possibility to specify the filename and pick the saving directory where a brand-new recording is saved. You can export the recorded streams to WAV, AIFF, SND, or DATA file format.

Tests have shown that the application carries out a task quickly and delivers very good output quality. It eats up a moderate amount of system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

All things considered, Shibo the Keyboard Piano comes packed with basic features for helping you play a virtual piano and record the performance. The intuitive layout makes it ideal for less experienced users.