When it comes to working with pictures on your computer, the Internet offers lots of applications and programs that you can choose from. One of them is Shozam Express Edition.

It's a neat software solution that helps you create web galleries using media files stored on your system. It lets you make some adjustments to files, but it could use some more tools.

The application installs quickly and it comes with all sort of tutorials and instructions that you should read in order to get accustomed to the application faster. You can't make any customization options to the interface overall, but you wouldn't really need to since it sports a really clean and modern interface.

It also comes with a section containing frequently asked questions, you'll get answers to problems that you might come across when using the program.

You can create web galleries by simply following a few steps. It lets you add various types of image files, videos, audio files, text documents or other types of files. The application supports multiple image types, including jpg, gif, bmp, png and even gif.

It lets you arrange files and move them up, down, on top or at the bottom of the galleries. Images can also be rotate and you can add a description of the album.

It supports multiple video formats, including avi, mpg, mpeg, mov and many more. You can add video widgets, enable loop, preview videos, add thumbnail image or arrange them in the gallery.

Audio files can be added, as well as text documents, but write a short caption to them. Image file compression can be adjusted, you can change album thumbnail and make some adjustments to the page display.

All in all, Shozam Express Edition is a very useful software solution that allows you to create all sort of web albums easily.