If you are no longer satisfied with the performance or simply the looks of the default files explorer on your computer, you can try an alternative solution called Shrestha Files.

It needs to be emphasized from the beginning that this app has been designed to run smoothly on PCs running that latest available Windows flavor, as it can only be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store.

This is why it makes sense for its looks to integrate smoothly with the ones of the operating system, meaning that its polished user interface blends seamlessly with all the other native Windows programs or features.

By default, Shrestha Files launches in a standard window, meaning that you get to navigate to whatever disk or folder you choose by double-clicking their names.

Alternatively, you can access the Settings menu and activate the dual-pane mode, as this will offer a better perspective when working with two folders simultaneously.

For example, you can effortlessly copy or move files from one location to the other, while benefiting from another function of the app, that of generating unique names when the destination file already exists.

No matter if you prefer the single-pane or the dual-pane approach, you get the same options when it comes to viewing the file icons from your folders. You can choose between simple list, detailed list, small grid, medium grid, large grid or tiles.

You can also group all files depending on their type, size, name or date, then set the order to be ascending or descending.

All in all, Shrestha Files can offer you an alternative to the default file browser included in your PC, and due to its dark theme, you can also make it match your OS theme.