Your computers uses 110w when first powered on, 60w when it is idle and 35w in sleep mode. Use Shut Down or Power On Now to Save Electricity!

Here are some key features of "Shut Down or Power On Now":

■ Schedule a computer, or multiple local area networked computers to power on, power off, restart, log off, hibernate or suspend, at any specified time and days of the week

■ Will automatically locate computers on the LAN; acquire their IP addresses, MAC addresses and names from those systems on the network for the administrator's convenience

■ Gives the option to force all the other programs to terminate or the user can specify to wait for a interaction when there is unsaved data within open programs

■ Saves your preferences for automated, repetitive weekly power ons and shutdowns to allow for an uninterrupted automated process

■ Icon blinks in system tray five minutes prior to shut down or restart to notify the administrator

■ Gives the option to send a warning message to other computers on the network

■ Works at the Windows Login screen

■ Provides password protection

■ Gives the option to display clock in 12H or 24H systems

■ Great for administrating computer labs. Power computers off and on with ease.