Ever since the release of ChatGPT at the end of 2002, the AI-based chatbot has made quite a stir. Its number of users rose not just due to its functionality, but also due to the curiosity of many to test what is rumored to become the new desktop assistant and search engine.

Today, everybody wants to use ChatGPT and have it at hand, within reach every time they need to search for something or solve an issue. That is why getting a ChatGPT sidebar in your browser is surely a good idea and Sider is the go-to extension in this case.

The purpose of Sider: ChatGPT Sidebar is to allow stable access to AI technology. To do so, it uses the ChatGPT Premium API, allowing limited daily queries.   Once installed in Google Chrome, Sider: ChatGPT Sidebar prompts you to pin the extension to keep it close by. The second step is to sign into the Sider account to be able to sync the extension across multiple computers, save or share chats and access prompts from all the synced computers.

The ChatGPT sidebar is opened when clicking on Sider’s button. You can use Sider just like you would ChatGPT, as it allows you to ask questions, carry out copywriting tasks and get explanations about different concepts using the OpenAI API, with or without Web access.

Text processing options are also available: you can use Sider to summarize a video, explain a text, rewrite or translate it or check it for grammar-related errors.

Thanks to Sider, you can benefit from interaction with the popular ChatGPT intelligent bot on a daily basis, directly from your browser. The chatbot is ready for your input in Chrome’s sidebar, allowing you to conduct online searches using the latest AI-based technology.