Especially designed for musicians and music aficionados, Sight Reading is a comprehensive application that you can use to learn how to read music sheets. Using your computer's keyboard or a MIDI keyboard, you can play notes on the note staff and memorize their names, which makes the learning process much easier.

The straightforward interface, together with the collection of tutorials are designed to make the application suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Furthermore, the lesson designer comes in handy for creating your own lesson database, organize it into chapters or sections and use them to practice anytime you want.

When using the computer keyboard instead of a MIDI device, you can only play one octave of notes at a time, since the number of keys is lower than that of a real piano keyboard. Even so, Sight Reading can help you learn the note positions on the stave, so that you can play them later on a real keyboard.

The main window displays a 3D piano keyboard that has the corresponding letter written on each key, enabling you to memorize the layout much easier. The application can open MID files or songs and save the output to your computer, in MIDI or WAV format, thus enabling you to import the created songs to another program.

In addition to this, it comes with a built-in mixing tool designed to help you enhance your song by adjusting the volume and the pan of the lead and rhythm guitars, the bass and each of the components of the drum set.

Sight Reading can be used for creating drum and bass grooves and drawing bass lines. It is a simple application whose main purpose is to help you improve your note reading skills using the computer keyboard.