Being an artist implies that you know how to make the most both out of your own talent and the extrinsic resources that might unveil your creativity.

As such, if you are a musician who finds live sessions challenging in a good way, resorting to reliable software to assist you in your endeavor is something that could make a difference. SigmaRizm is one such application that works as a MIDI-enabled virtual additive synthesizer you can play with during your musical experiments.

First of all, it should be pointed out that installing the application is a hassle-free task, and once it is up and running, a balanced user interface is revealed.

As mentioned above, the application’s focus is on additive synthesis, which consists of joining sine waves at different frequencies to create sound. In order to manage that, the application incorporates as many as 128 harmonic oscillators, which should be quite enough for complex audio experiments.

It is also worth pointing out that playing sounds is possible using either your mouse or keyboard, with 7 octaves being available for you to explore. But in order to prepare for your live session, you need to look into the top-left corner and make adjustments to the harmonics editor.

Aside from that, there are a series of settings you can fiddle with if you turn to the box in the top-right corner, where you can adjust the ADSR values. What’s more, a slider bar letting you control the low-frequency oscillator is included along with a series of other settings complementing them.

An audio settings dialog is integrated so that you can specify the audio output device you want to resort to, with a MIDI settings window popping out when you need to modify the MIDI input and output devices as well as their channels.

All in all, SigmaTizm is a reliable piece of software you can use during your live play sessions. The virtual synthesizer provides you with various configurations you can explore, with its integrated user manual making it a tool addressing a wide range of users.