Music is used to calm you down after a long day's work, while walking down the street or to provide a suitable soundtrack on different videos. There's also no proper party without music, especially when people start to sing along. Your default player might not be the right host for a big party, but that's why alternatives like Silverjuke come with a lot more features.

The visual design feels fresh and modern, differentiating itself from a common window through high-quality elements, menus, icons, and almost everything else. File support is neat, with options to load audio files under formats like AIF, CUE, FLAC, M3U, MOD, MP3, APE, OGG, PLS, WAV, WMA, and even MP3 + G, which means you can use the application for karaoke.

All songs are neatly displayed along with corresponding details, with a smart filter bar fitted with alphabet characters for quick search. Albums are loaded with all info, even cover art. In case any elements are missing, you can use built-in tools to search online for ID3 tags, album covers, or the title itself.

Playback benefits from several options that minimize effort and enhance your experience. The application can shuffle your songs, repeat, as well as add effects through custom adjustments of an equalizer. However, you need to move songs to the upper queue, because they're not directly played from the library.

Configurable hotkeys give you the possibility to control sessions faster and more efficiently. In case people start to sing at certain points, you can load karaoke files and brings up an external display that can be either be left to replace the library or detached and moved, preferably to a second display.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Silverjuke is a practical audio player with extended capabilities. It comes equipped not only with the right means for powerful, high-quality playback, but the neat file and karaoke support, hotkey implementation, effects and different editing tools heavily contribute to a well-polished application.