When producing a lot of notes on a daily basis, the key to your productivity is the way you store and organize them.

SIM, which is an acronym for Simple Information Manager, is a software utility that could prove useful when dealing with such an issue since it helps you group all your text information into tree structures you can subsequently explore in the blink of an eye.

The software utility sports an intuitive user interface anyone should effortlessly get accustomed to in a short amount of time. It is split into two main panels, one comprising the tree itself while the other one reveals the actual contents.

Opening a text file or creating a new one should raise no difficulty at all, and appending new items and sub-items to the tree is done by right-clicking any entry.

As for how you can manipulate the text you are working with, it is worth pointing out that copying, cutting, or pasting strings is possible, and printing options are provided as well.

Aside from that, you can encrypt your notes by default just by turning to the “Settings” section, which also lets you change your text’s font and select the location for your data files.

Creating a backup of your database should ensure there is no risk of data loss, with the recovery procedure being easy as pie.

On an ending note, SIM is a straightforward piece of software designed to organize your text information using neat tree structures. The program is user-friendly and could prove of help particularly when creating and handling notes, address books, and any other databases that require a clear and accessible structure.