Archiving and keeping track of written messages and calls placed online via Skype may prove useful, so in case you want to take action, you will need a specialized utility to start with. There are many dedicated tools that are able to capture and store messages and voice conversations and among them you may come across one going by the name of Simkl.

This application is easy to set-up and once you get it going, it should be able to record everything when you are using Skype. The nice and friendly interface make it pleasant to work with, while the neat way in which it has the functions organized in the main window is well suited for all users, advanced or with less experienced.

The first thing you should do is provide the credentials to log into your Simkl account, or, in case you have not created it yet, sign up on the spot for one. As soon as this is mended, you can try is a test call to the Echo / Sound Test Service in order to check how the software is actually working.

A neat feature of this program is the ability to use it to set the Internet browser that will be used to open URL links from the recorded logs. The supported apps are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Customizing the Skype related settings is a breeze and this should take only a few moments, so you can have the messages saved directly to With regard to the voice conversations, it is possible to send them as well to the online service and also keep another backup copy onto the computer, inside a dedicated folder.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that Simkl offers indeed a fast way of setting up Skype recording and logging, so any user can safely store conversations and text messages in no time.