Windows Registry is a collection of databases that contains the configuration settings of your operating system. Every time you download or install an application on your computer, the system creates a registry key that is a container object similar to a folder.

Repeating install and uninstall operations leads in time to a overcrowded Registry and it affects your system overall performance. Meaning that your computer won't work as fast as it used to. To prevent that from happening you need to periodically clean up your Registry using dedicated software solutions. Such a software utility is Simnet Registry Repair that was designed to fix corrupt or obsolete Registry entries.

Upon initialization, Simnet Registry Repair performs a complete Registry scan through twelve dedicated sections in order to find and fix your PC errors. The scanning process may take a few minutes depending on how many errors are found, how much time has passed since the last time you installed your operating system or the last time you cleaned your Registry.

The application is capable of scanning multiple Registry sections at the same time and with the help of its advanced error detection algorithm, it can identify even the most unnoticeable registry errors.

Simnet Registry Repair is focused on finding errors in recent files, fonts, sounds, software applications, system drivers, startup programs, file extensions and add or remove programs.

You can view detailed scan results in HTML format that show information about the error type, key and value. Once you have the Registry diagnostic, you can choose whether you want to fix all the Registry errors or only specific ones.

Another method of improving your system performance and save hard disk space is to use the built-in defragmenter that analyzes your Registry and eliminates structural problems that cause your computer to slow down when opening applications.

Before defragmenting your Registry, you can configure Simnet Registry Repair to create a 'System restore Point' as a backup in case the process causes unforeseen damage.

Overall, Simnet Registry Repair is an easy-to-use Registry cleaning tool that does not require you to be a computer specialist in order to boost your PC performance and prevent system crashes and freezes.