Although Windows 8 has its own startup manager tool, it still lacks the ability to delete unwanted or deleted programs from the startup schedule. With the help of Simnet Startup Manager, this can be avoided. Presenting itself as a handy piece of software, it allows you to manage the applications saved in the startup schedule of your Windows operating system.

With Simnet Startup Manager you can easily organize your startup programs and delete, disable or restore some of them. This feature comes in handy for anyone, as the startup schedule of Windows operating systems can be quite hard to access, depending on the version you use.

The application ensures that you have instant access to all the programs saved in the boot schedule list, and manage them with ease. For instance, Windows 8 has a startup manager right into the Task Manager, but you cannot delete entries and registries for deleted programs, thus remaining stuck into your disk.

Simnet Startup Manager allows you to quickly disable, delete and restore certain applications from the startup schedule of your operating system. Removing some of the unnecessary ones might speed up your boot time, since having too many startup programs can significantly slow down your computer.

Aside from this, any of the disabled programs is saved and can be enabled at any given time, useful in situations that you require their aid.

To sum it up, Simnet Startup Manager has the capability to organize applications that automatically start with your operating system, although it lacks some features that might significantly increase its usability. For instance, future development could include the possibility to add some programs to the startup schedule, not just manage the existing ones.