Simple ePub Watermark is a reliable application dedicated to helping you protect your eBooks from cyber theft or unauthorized changes. The program can easily apply a digital watermark on the files, which can indicate its provenance and ownership. It can automatically generate and apply watermark keys.

A watermark is a digital signature, designed to individualize a particular file, either image, video, audio, project, eBook, by indicating its provenance, ownership, author or other metadata. An effective watermark can help to quickly identify the author/owner of a particular file, against other claims.

Simple ePub Watermark can help you individualize ePub files, by assigning a watermark to them. The signature this program can create consists of a string of random characters, with digits and upper-capped letters.

The software is easy to use and capable of performing the task in a few simple steps: load the ePub file, generate the code, then save the result to a local folder.

Simple ePub Watermark allows you to choose the output path and filename, when saving the result. Its interface is simplistic, displaying the input file path, the watermark to be applied and information regarding any existing watermark.

If the file already contains such code, it is displayed in the Watermark info field, if not, the field reads Watermark info not found. Thus, not only can you apply a signature to the file, but you may also replace it with a new one.

Simple ePub Watermark is a straightforward application with simple commands: load the file, click the Generate and Apply button, then save the result to a local folder. Only ePub files are supported and the software can only handle one eBook at a time. Moreover, it can only apply the watermarks it generates.