In spite of the fact that it is known as a lossy format, let us not forget that MP3s are also small in size and can be played on many of the new portable players.

Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor is a small utility that enables you to process MP3 files and create new tracks and even interesting ringtones for your smartphone.

Perhaps it is because it open in a full window that covers your entire screen, but the interface does not leave a good impression when you first launch the application. On the other hand, once you load your file and start navigating through the menus, you can notice that the features are well arranged in the menus.

While it does not come with the sleek, modern UI you would expect from apps today, the truth is that it  includes all the visual elements specific to an application in this category.

As it is implied by its name, the program incorporates numerous features that allows to edit, split, cut, join, add labels, bookmark, record, import and export to other file formats. More exactly, you can generate silence within the track, cut the file in time or by parts, fade in, fade out or use another special effect that you like.

In case you change your mind or make a mistake while processing the MP3 files, then you can use the undo or redo function to get back to the desired status. Once you are done tweaking the audio track, you can add a label and save it as MP3 or another format supported by your player. The application also enables you to share your complete project by email and the most popular social networks.

On a side note, sometimes the program has a low responsiveness and can slow down your computer.

In case you regularly tweak and enhance the songs that you normally listen to, then Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor might be the utility you need to complete this task without too many headaches.