If you are a music aficionado, you obviously want your collection to be neatly organized, so you need a software utility to help you easily migrate your tracks from one location to another while also ensuring that they come in the right file format.

SimpleAudioConverter is a piece of software whose purpose is to assist you in the process, being able to copy music from your iPod, a CD, or a folder while allowing you to indicate the output file format, all in an intuitive environment.

First things first, users should know that, once they install the application, an approachable GUI prompts them, letting them easily reach the files they want to process.

Being split into three vertical sections, the main window first asks you to select the source. Your options are a local folder, an iPod, and an audio CD. If you opt for the first, a directory tree enables you to easily browse through your computer and look into your music compilation.

As for when you transfer audio files from your iPod, you should know that the device is automatically recognized if you connect it to your PC via a USB cable before launching the program.

Last but not least, searching for an audio CD should raise no difficulties either, with track details and artwork being copied either from the source file or the web.

Once you do that, customizing the output name is the step you need to take, with a series of presets being available for you to choose from, each of them containing one or more of the following details: artist, album, and title.

Deciding on the output file format should not take more than a couple of seconds, with your alternatives ranging from MP3, WAV, and OGG to FLAC, WMA, AIF, and more. Regarding the output quality, selecting from low, medium, and high is possible.

When you have completed this operation, setting the destination is what you need to consider, then you are ready to click the “Start Copy” button.

It is worth pointing out that the program encountered no performance hiccups during its runtime, and it did not eat up considerable resources while processing and copying your audio files. This along with the fact that the array of supported audio file formats is quite broad shows that anyone could consider it an option when looking for a tool in its category.