The more programs you install on your computer, the higher the changes for it to have considerable drops in performance. Manually cleaning all of your computer’s areas is a pain, but there are tons of specialized applications like simpliclean that want to help you out and finish the cleaning process in a few seconds, minutes at most.

Once the application gets installed on your PC, you can start it to see what it’s all about. The visual design feels pretty fresh, with sliding animations for most things you click on, as well as highly-detailed textures used for all panels, buttons, elements, and even the font itself.

Accommodation is a walk in the park, and you don’t need any experience whatsoever to benefit from what the application has to offer. In case you’re not exactly sure what a specific function does, there’s a balloon tooltip for all of them, with thorough descriptions to get you out of sticky situations.

The general damage level is shown in a slider. There’s a big button to put all scanners in motion, or you can take the time to manually set them. However, no action is taken until your intervention. Once an area of your computer is scanned, the damage level and number of errors are shown, with the scan button turning into a fix button.

The application is capable of looking through trash files, recycle bin, how to save energy, as well as the system registries. Unfortunately, simpliclean doesn’t provide any management options whatsoever, and you only get to view the number of errors in a specific category, but not the files themselves.

Scanning and fixing take a little while, and the job seems to be done pretty good. Sadly, the application doesn’t have an option to run at startup to clean all areas automatically, nor is there a built-in scheduler to have your computer looked after when you’re not around.

All things considered, we can safely state that simpliclean comes with good intentions, and manages to live up to expectations. The visual design is appealing, and lets anyone quickly accommodate. Although various areas are scanned and cleaned in a jiffy, a scheduler would have been more than welcome. More features are available in simplitec Power Suite.