Maintaining a PC clean and smoothly running can be a troublesome task for sure, especially with the affluence of media content and increased usage occurring these days. There are numerous software solutions out there that offer such capabilities, but most of them boast complex settings that might put off users right from the start. simplifast tries to provide a different approach, through a minimalist package that carries easy-to-use features and semi-automatic optimization processes. It's part of simplitec Power Suite, which contains more features.

The application offers users an attractive interface that provides an uncluttered design, with several tools and features for optimizing their PCs. They will be able to easily select the preferred performance improvement category and the utility will provide several options.

By using the automatic troubleshooter, one can select for the Startup process to be optimized, Internet settings improved or the PC’s partitions defragmented. Additionally, the Windows services can also be optimized and people will be able to also access a manual troubleshooter that will list the categories where selective care needs to be applied.

The application’s features will be available both from its main interface, but the tray icon as well, where users will be able to access a dedicated feature that will enable them to run a “1-click optimization” of their PCs. This special module will perform an automated cleaning of the selected components, without any configuration steps or additional trouble.

Looking on the downside of things, supposedly a PC optimization package, the application might have undesired effects on users’ PCs. On our tests, after the installation process, the overall PC handling became sluggish and the application itself also emphasized considerable lag when using some of its features. This fact alone does not make it a reliable choice for those who wish to improve their PC’s performance.

simplifast addresses those who require an easy-to-use utility for cleaning and improving the performance of their PCs. It will offer them a straightforward package that features an appealing design and several predefined cleaning and optimization tools. Unfortunately, considering its main purpose and the fact that on our tests it has induced sluggish PC operation, we do not recommend it as a reliable choice for improving PC performance.