Simulation Exams for OCPJP is an intuitive and educational software that enables you to practice and improve your knowledge of Java programming language and source code building. The software features two practicing modes, each designed to help in fast and sustainable learning.

The software is a suitable tool for simulating certification exams and it enables you to study and improve your knowledge in a friendly environment. You may choose between the two learning modes, randomize the questions and the answers, or customize the questions, by adding new information.

The questions are built by the classical multi-choice format, with single or multiple answers. Some questions however, require free answer, meaning you need to insert or to drag and drop the correct item into the dedicated field. Each practice mode includes a series of questions with a random type of answers.

The two practicing modes are similar, since they both include the question-and-answer structure, however, there are some differences. In the Learn mode, you can go to previous questions and change your answer, or view flash cards containing information regarding the current inquiry.

In the Exam mode, you may simulate the test atmosphere, by enabling the timer and answering the questions in successive order. At the end of the exam, the software can calculate the score you obtained and determine whether you passed or not.

When going through the question sets, you may mark those that are more difficult. You can then access a collection containing exclusively the bookmarked questions, in other words, the more difficult ones.

The software includes some of the most important sections of the Java programming study area, namely declarations, initialization and scoping, flow control, API contents, concurrency, OO concepts and fundamentals.

With Simulation Exams for OCPJP you have a reliable support for preparing your Java programming certification exam. You may study to improve your knowledge or simulate tests in order to get yourself used to the exam atmosphere and to handle difficult questions in a time efficient manner. You may practice with one of the two study modes, customize questions or bookmark difficult inquiries.