Singularity App enables project and task management — with nested tags and subtasks, calendar synchronizations, and all the necessaries for creating elaborate tree-structured projects.

There are a bunch of tools that enable email synchronization. Nowadays, for a bunch of users, it is crucial to have their emails, appointments, and meeting requests accessible at any moment, in their favorite workspace. However, generating tasks from your email account is a much more useful and flexible feature.

With Singularity App, you can send incoming requests, messages, and other types of mails straight to your Singularity App account. Once you do this, you can use the mail information to create a new task in your planner; the subject will become your task's title and the content of your request will become the description.

The tool allows you to create distinct projects, organize subtasks, make checklists (with a correlated task percentage tracker that displays the current work completion status), set up due dates, assign time slots for different tasks, add custom tags (new or existing ones), etc.

The tags system is a useful feature for later organizing and filtering your projects and subtasks. Although you have nested subtasks, you can assign for each individual instance unique tags/sets of tags and, therefore, obtaining filtered, accurate results.

The program has shortcut commands (placed in the title bar) for the most important aspects: focus time, theme switch (between light and dark), search (a comprehensive function that examines all your data and entries, including descriptions, titles, or tags), and a Pomodoro timer for increased focus, with flexible time configuration. Furthermore, Singularity App allows you to open multiple windows for working on different tasks and conducting parallel processes.

To summarize, the Singularity service is a complete ecosystem that allows accessing the schedule organization functions in the browser, on your phone (via the smartphone Singularity app), on from your desktop.

Moreover, you can opt for cloud storage and sync, so you always have the current, past, and future data/appointments/tasks available on all your devices.