Removing annoying duplicate files from your computer does not have to be headachingly ‎difficult and irritating, especially if you employ the right software solutions that can get the job done with minimum intervention and effort required on your behalf.

Singuler for Windows 10 is a lightweight and highly efficient piece of software that can make it as straightforward as possible for you to remove dupes from your computer's hard drive.

You can deploy and get started with this utility in practically no time since it can be installed with just a single mouse click from the Microsoft Store.

Once launched, you are greeted by the app's simple main window and a clean and modern-looking user interface. Spend as much as a few seconds with the app and you are bound to discover a very smooth-running and well though-out application that looks and feels right at home on the latest iteration of Windows.

Regardless of your computer experience, working with this app is hardly challenging.

The workflow is comprised out of three steps. First, you need to pin-point the locations that need to be scanned for duplicates (please note that you can just drag and drop files and folders onto its main window towards achieving this end).

Then, select the search criteria and, after the scanning process is complete, simply manage the duplicates with the help of the app's useful Selection Assistant.

For example, you can configure the app to only look for music, picture, video or document files, or for all of them at the same time, as well as search for files with custom extensions. Of course, the app can also compare them by name, size, date and even content.

With the help of the aforementioned Selection Assistant, you can effortlessly select larger or smaller dupes, older or newer ones, as well as those with shorter or longer names.

Once you're done locating, filtering and selecting the duplicates that need to be removed, simply click the trashcan-like button from the lower right side of the main window and that's that.

All in all, although it's not the most complex duplicate remover out there, Singuler for Windows 10 is a very reliable software solution for quickly freeing up space on your computer by eliminating dupes.

With its set of essential features, a modern and straightforward interface, novice-accessible workflow and a quick installation process this app has the potential to suit the needs of a wide array of users out there.