Let's say you have noisy next-door neighbors but you don't really want to call the police on them. Your best friend, in this case, is Siren Sounds, an application that will allow you to generate a siren sound of your choice at a simple click of a button. The application features a few accurate sounds. You've got plenty of choices, and as you've probably come to expect from these soundboard apps, you can play the sound once, in a loop or mix more than one and record the result.

Not much, really. Download it from the Microsoft Store, install it and select the sound you'd like to generate. Click it once to play the sound, click it twice to set it in a loop and click it three times to close it after you've had enough. If you'd like to record your mixed sirens or would like to load previously created material, access the specific options from the left-hand side menu.

There are many reasons. You could scare your noisy neighbors away, or simply prank your friends. Regardless of what use you will find for this app, it really could prove its worth. Let us not forget that Siren Sounds was designed for portable platforms as well, for Windows 10-compatible mobile devices, to be more precise. Create a little bit of mayhem on the go with this simple, yet funny application. Just be careful not to annoy the real authorities with your endeavors.

Whether you want to get a little bit of sleeping time, or you're keen on pranking some of your friends, Siren Sounds has quite a palette of sounds which you can introduce to the world in a funny but not exaggerated way. Make sure you download the application and put it to some good use. Who knows, it could even save lives.