Site Backup Pro is an efficient and easy to handle software solution whose main function consists of creating backup copies of your website, so you can restore the information easily, should it happen to crash unexpectedly.

Subsequent to the installation process, you can launch the application and begin working with it immediately, since its straightforwardness makes it easy to handle by anyone.

The main window displays the added sites in tree view, under the corresponding host, allowing you to easily edit the connection details, when needed.

For starters, Site Backup Pro requires you to choose a workspace in the form of a local directory, after which you can begin adding your hosts, along with their corresponding information, specifically the name and the SSH access details (host, port, username and password).

The next step consists of inputting the website information, including its name, the backup files’ directory, and the SQL database that you intend to store the information on. You can opt between PostgreSQL and MySQL, depending on your preferences, then enter the host, port number, username and pass key, as well as the schema file.

Moreover, Site Backup Pro enables you to run a series of commands before and after the completion of the operation. When done, you can right-click on the preferred website in the tree and choose the ‘Backup’ option. The tool will execute the task right away, as it does not feature a scheduling component, letting you view the results in the ‘Run’ tab.

In conclusion, Site Backup Pro is a useful and intuitive program that was developed to serve in website backup operations, aiming to perform the job with a minimal level of intrusion into your sensitive information.