Skedy is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution created to cater to your everyday organizing needs and help you keep track of all your tasks, events or assignments, as well as take down notes, manage contacts or browse the web.

The utility features a fairly particular user interface, comprising several different panels that you can show or hide, as needed, also letting you adjust their size, whenever you need to work with a specific one.

As such, you can add entries in your ‘Diary’, schedule events on your ‘Agenda’, plan ‘Projects’, manage ‘Tasks’, search for addresses on Google or Bing ‘Maps’, write down ‘Notes’, perform online 'Searches’ or manage ‘Files’.

Skedy is quite feature-rich, in the sense that it integrates within a single location several different components that you may want or not to use. The panels that you do not need can easily be hidden, while the ones you work with on a regular basis can be adjusted in size in order to maximize your desktop’s space usage.

With this program, you have access to a number of handy tools just a few clicks away, optimizing your work on the computer and saving you the time it would otherwise take you to switch between countless windows and applications.

You can schedule events, manage contacts, plan ahead professional and personal projects, browse the web and store useful links for later, perform Internet searches, or find, open or delete files from your PC.

Aside from its own components, Skedy lets you launch with a single click various Windows accessories, such as Calculator, Paint, Sticky Notes, Control Panel, Screen Capture, Sound Recorder and several others.

As a conclusion, Skedy is a useful and reliable application that you can resort to should you be in the search of a complex yet flexible tool that can assist you in organizing your day to day life, as well as your work-related activities.