Skrumble is a straightforward and efficient piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to collaborate with your team members on both Windows and macOS, as well as on iOS and Android.

Subsequent to a surprise-free installation process and upon first launching the app, you are required to log in using your official Skrumble username and password.

This is probably the best time to point out that the utility basically acts as a wrapper for the Skrumble web app, by bringing it to your computer's desktop within a simple main window.

Even if you have not worked with similar apps before, you are bound to find the app's interface simple, functional and intuitive. From the sidepanel on the left part of the main window, you can easily access the People, Private Chats, Rooms, Meetings and Calls sections of the app.

Getting started with the app implies that you first invite other team members or guests to your 'company', which is started when you have validated your account. The People section is, as you can imagine, the place where you manage all your contacts and personal contacts.

Every initiated chat with either one of the members or guests can be found within the Private Chats section. It is worth mentioning that you can chat with other team members via text or by calling them. Additionally, you can exchange files and even express your feelings better with the help of an impressive collection of emoji.

The 'Rooms' area is a bit more versatile, as it allows you to do everything that is stated in the above phrase but accompanied by more than one member of the team. On the other side of the spectrum, you can also make use of the feature that allows you to exchange information with your team and clients within a private channel.

It is also worth mentioning that everything you write can be easily pinpointed with the help of an integrated search engine and the fact that you can share files by dragging and dropping them directly onto the chat window.

All in all, by boasting some of the most important features for collaboration apps and support for drag and drop, P2P calls, screen sharing and the fact that it works on two of the most popular desktop and mobile platforms out there, it is safe to say that Skrumble well-equipped team collaboration utility.