Lately, there have been a lot of movies with a fantasy twist to them, and it's all because we love the idea of fantasy and anything that will let us escape our dreary lives.

Sky Citadel 3D Screensaver is an animated wallpaper and screensaver app that capitalizes on our desire for the impossible and lets us take a mental journey towards a castle in the skies.

A screensaver's purpose is to have moving images constantly on your screen so that the pixels do not get damaged. This animated wallpaper and screensaver take that simple utility a few steps further, creating a real 3D work of art.

As the name would suggest, the focus of this app is a citadel atop a rock floating in the sky high above the clouds, with nothing but a zeppelin as a means of transport.

All these elements are masterfully designed, with high-polycount 3D models, high-quality textures, and great camera movements that sometimes let you take a peek at the ground under the citadel, which was rendered to look as if it were miles below.

The app behaved well during testing, as the FPS values were good and there were no performance spikes. Unfortunately, when Sky Citadel 3D Screensaver was used in animated wallpaper mode, the system's performance visibly dropped, as even the mouse movements seemed to be laggy.

For those of you may encounter similar issues, or worse, you should know that you can greatly adjust several audio and video settings from the screensaver manager app.  These adjustments include screen resolution, volume control, overall graphics quality, etc. and are there to allow just about anyone to enjoy the app in a smooth manner

While Sky Citadel 3D Screensaver does not feature dragons, fireballs or arcane sparkles flying all around, that does not stop you from imagining yourself while watching this visual wonder. This ability to spark the imagination is what makes this animated wallpaper and screensaver a great addition to any fantasy fan's digital library.

Sky Citadel Fantasy Citadel Floating Castle Sky Citadel 3D Screensaver