Skype Chess Assistant is a great software tool that can help you improve your chess skills and your logic capabilities. After using this program, your friends will not be able to beat you so fast, if at all.

Basically, using certain algorithms, this software application is able to recognize the Skype chess board and automatically take screen snapshots. This way, the Skype Chess Assistant will be able to tell what is happening in the chess match you are with one of your friend.

The interface of the Chess Assistant is very simple and reminds the user of old versions of operating systems such as Windows ’98, but in the same time it is intuitive. There are not so many options available in the window, but they are just enough to help you. You can chose to capture (the image of the board), show move and actually move. Furthermore, you will be able to select who moves (the white or the black player) and where is the white player situated on the board (bottom or top).

With just a few click here and there, this program will help you better understand chess, see some moves that you might not have thought of and improve your overall skills.

All in all, although the interface could use a small upgrade, Skype Chess Assistant still proves to be a useful piece of software that will help you in the long run.