If you work for a rather large company and need to cooperate with your colleagues constantly on various projects, you might consider turning to software solutions that can help you accomplish your tasks quickly.

Skype for Business is one of the applications mentioned above, as it can help you keep in touch with your co-workers in various, efficient manners.

Skype for Business enables you to send instant messages, make audio or video calls to your contacts, create or attend online meetings, set your availability and share various documents with your peers in a seamless manner.

You only need to log in with valid credentials after launching it. However, note that whatever domain you will be using, you will need a running Skype for Business server on it. Otherwise, logging in won't work.

This application can even help users that are less experienced with similar software since it comes with a simplistic interface that encompasses intuitive features.

The main window prompts you to sign in, while also enabling you to change your signing-in status, delete your credentials and access a configuration window.

You can adjust some parameters by clicking the gear-wheel-shaped button and navigating to Tools -> Options, since that opens the application's configuration window.

Here you can customize general settings, but more specific ones, as well. It is possible to reopen your conversations when you sign in, display call controls in the background, toggle logging, minimize the windows to the notification area and configure your video and audio devices easily.

To wrap it up, Skype for Business is an efficient way of keeping in touch with your co-workers by instant messaging them, performing audio or video calls, create or attend virtual meetings and share multiple documents. It requires a running server on the target domain, comes with a simplistic interface and lets you configure various parameters.