Reading your favorite books, helps you relax the mind and makes you dream about fairy tales and mysterious adventures. However, not everyone can do this on its own, so as a solution, specialized apps were developed.

SL Talking Notepad is a feature-rich and intuitive application designed to be a simple yet efficient tool for people with poor vision or none, to play and listen to their preferred stories and poetry. It comes with several customization elements, a built-in voice.

The interface is colorful and accessible with all the provided options in plain sight and neatly organized in a basic toolbar. The displayed text is large and easy to read. Sadly, there is no option to change the voice to another, as it only comes with a single one.

Content can be directly pasted from the clipboard, manually written, or imported from an existing text document. The save function, stores them only in TXT format. Plus, the composition appearance may be changed with a single click, to the desired one, choosing the font type, size, color, and style. A handy function could've been a protection system to keep the records safe from being accidentally accessed and modified.

If you're not happy with the predefined background tone, it's possible to pick a more suitable one from the color palette. In the upper part of the window, the voice speed can be adjusted, by dragging the slider. However, it would've been nice it the app provided a volume feature, to tweak the sound. The tool lets you pause, resume, and stop the reading at any given time.

Taking everything into account, SL Talking Notepad is a reliable and helpful program created to be a practical tool, for people with poor vision or blind, to listen to their preferred books, stories, and poems fast and with minimum effort.