SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction application was designed to be a solution to documenting and tracking software requirements, class design, test cases, software releases, defects, project meetings, project tasks and costs. It aims to provide an encompassing solution to software development on a project level.

SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction facilitates with the documentation aspect of software construction. Some view software documentation in a negative light and see it as a time consuming effort, SLIC tries to alleviate this by providing a central source for all aspects of software documentation. With SLIC new and existing members are able to keep up to date with the current state of the project. SLIC also allows you to easily version control aspects of the software documentation through the use of a concurrent versioning system such as CVS.

Here are some key features of "SLIC Software Lifecycle Construction":

· Capture:

· Meeting minutes,

· System overview,

· Software requirements,

· Test cases,

· Test runs with results,

· Class level specifications,

· Database level specifications,

· Sofware release notes,

· Software defects,

· Software change requests

· Construct a project timeline/plan

· Define the project plan according to tasks that can be tracked on a daily basis.

· Easily determine the current status of the project/documentation (Essentially this feature shows you which meeting items need to be addressed, what tasks are outstanding, has the system been tested).

· Easily check what the last test results on the system were.

· SLIC allows you to document and determine which requirements were implemented and where they were implemented.

· Allows you to track project costs based on inividual team member rates.

· Generate:

· Standard project documentation in HTML format, easily publishable on the web for access to all project members,

· C++ classes from class level specifications captured with SLIC,

· Java classes from class level specifications captured with SLIC,

· PHP classes from class level specifications captured with SLIC and

· Custom output through XSL from the XML based project file


· Under this license, you may:

· install and use the Software on a single computer

· copy the Software for back-up or archival purposes, distribute the SLIC - SOFTWARE LIFECYCLE CONSTRUCTION installation program in unmodified form to anyone.

· In order to legally use this software the following requirements need to be adhered to:

· Installation of the Software requires an installation license.

· Before the Software may be used, it needs to be activated and an activation license is required.