Slicetige Lite is an application aimed to offer both experienced and inexperienced Facebook users the possibility to create great looking, custom cover photos for their profiles. With it you are able to load images from your computer, apply some basic modifications and then upload the final result.

Besides the fact that Slicetige Lite displays a user-friendly interface, it also comes with a wizard function that is well suited for novice users as it guides you through every step of the creation process.

With each step you get to see just how simple it is to load a picture from your computer or use a solid color gradient, adjust its size, add text and export it from the application. Completing the wizard once is enough to make you fully understand the basics of the application and from that point on you can use the quick access buttons and menus to go to the tools you need.

Slicetige Lite comes with a series of basic adjustments that you can apply to the image you load into the cover project. It enables you to resize the image using custom width and height dimensions and to make sure you don’t stretch the photo and ruin it, you can select to maintain the aspect of the original image.

If you encounter some difficulty in processing the image, then you can use the ‘Scale To Fit’ function which automatically fits it in relation to height. Apart from this, it’s possible to flip or rotate the image, as well as apply enhancement filters such as sharpen, smooth, pixelate and contour.

As a purpose specific tool, Slicetige Lite offers you a feature that even dedicated image editors lack and namely the use of layers. Slicetige Lite allows you to load multiple images into the project and work with each individual one. This way you can create a complex project using basic tools.

To sum things up, there are some additional features and functions to discover about Slicetige Lite besides those which have been mentioned but it still is enough to consider it a practical and reliable app.