A web browser is your only ticket to the information superhighway. Various applications offer to take you for a ride on every corner of the Internet, each with its own special features. Slickscreen is one of them and promises to deliver a unique experience by allowing you to simultaneously view multiple pages in the same interface.

The core function of the application is to split the main window into more sections, each displaying a different web page. Up to eight panels can be set active at the same time, with the possibility to choose which to be active when running the application.

Regardless of the chosen display, you can always resize panels to get a better view. Additionally, the options menu gives you the possibility to have panels rotate automatically every now and then, as well as setting pages to be refreshed at given time intervals.

One of the most useful features is that you are able to run an active application within one of the available sections. It gives you the possibility to have everything needed at your disposal without switching between tabs or windows. This feature really shines when used on a wide screen.

A side panel can be toggled on or off to display previously opened pages. Moreover, an integrated function gives you the possibility to bookmark websites you frequently visit so they become quickly accessible.

To sum it up, Slickscreen manages to live up to expectations, bringing a little innovation to the concept of web browsing. The interface is pleasant to work in and navigation speed only depends on your connection type. Overall, it makes for a good alternative in case you are looking to try something new.