Slide Show to Go makes it easy to create slide shows and screen savers, with over 150 transition effects, captions, scheduled slides, and WAV, MIDI, WMA, or MP3 sound. Then package it to run on any 32-bit Windows PC.

Or convert the show to an AVI, which can be made into a DVD or streaming video.

Slide Show to Go can also prepare your show to work with the Anfy (R) applets for Java (R), so you can put your presentation on the Internet.

Unique features include slide cropping, "spacers," and slide scheduling.

Here are some key features of "Slide Show to Go":

■ "Ken Burns effect"

■ Easy drag-and-drop slide creation

■ Support for MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and MIDI sound

■ Slide scheduling by date, time, and day of week

■ Single-click CD burning

■ Slide cropping

■ Image cropping

■ Captions that can display current date and time, slide number, and slide name

■ Two sound tracks, with volume control including fade

■ Style sheet to control transitions, caption layout, and more

■ Up to three global captions for each show

■ Tools to coordinate slide changes with sound playback

■ Over 160 transition effects-thousands of variations

■ AVI animation during playback

■ Complete control of show during playback


■ 16-bit sound card


■ 30 days trial.