Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software is a reliable program that enables you to easily change the rendering speed of a particular type of audio files. The application is easy to use, can handle several WAV files at the same time and save them in the same format to your computer, as new files.

With Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software, you can easily change the tempo of a song, by speeding it up or down. The application allows you to apply the same tempo settings to a series of files. It specializes in processing a particular type of audio file, namely WAV, which highly speeds up the editing process.

The application is designed to save the results as new files, to the indicated destination on your computer. While the software can easily modify the tempo, it does not allow you to change the pitch of the melody. This is why, speeding it up or slowing it down to the extremes might result in a weird sounding file.

Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software features an adjustment slider which allows you to fine touch the change you wish to bring to the file tempo. You may thus manually slide the indicator towards a slower or faster tempo. By default the slider lies at the middle of the range.

The range consist of 20 levels, which you can select, corresponding to the speed of the file: from 0% up to 200% of the original settings. Once you have set the speed, you need to select the output folder and start the process.

While the process of modifying a song’s tempo is quick, Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software does not offer a preview function. Thus, you cannot assess if the speed is too high or too slow before you save the new files. The application can save the modified songs in corresponding files in the destination folder.