Balancing cash registers at the end of the day is important in order to ensure money is handled properly, but performing this operation the old-fashioned way is time-consuming and quite often leads to inaccurate results.

Small Office Tools - Cash Counter is a handy software solution designed to make your job a lot easier, as it can perform the necessary calculations automatically, store past records and generate useful reports.

The application can increase the accuracy of the count by only requiring you to specify how many coins or bills of each type have been taken out of the cash register. Petty cash items can also be added when necessary.

The resulting amount is compared with the value provided by your POS system, and the calculated difference lets you know if there are any funds that are not accounted for.

Small Office Tools - Cash Counter is accessible to users from around the world, as it offers support for an impressive number of denominations. Bills or coins that are particularly rare can even be hidden so as to reduce clutter. Moreover, the currency database can be edited freely, which means you can easily perform any modifications you deem necessary.

The application creates an HTML report when a cash count is completed, and this document is opened in your default web browser automatically. Previous cash counts are not deleted once a report is generated, and you can find any of them quickly using the built-in search function.

Small Office Tools - Cash Counter is far from difficult to use, as it features an intuitive GUI and provides access to a comprehensive online manual.

In short, this is a great solution for business managers or cashiers who need a simpler and more accurate method of balancing cash registers. It can save you a lot of time and effort, and it features a lightweight, minimalistic design.