Many of us keep vast media collections on our computers, but organizing these songs and movies is far from easy. Editing file metadata and assigning covers is particularly difficult, but there are applications out there that can help you out.

Once of them is Smart Cover Art, a handy utility that can search for movie posters and album covers on the web. It enables you to assign these images to your files with just a few mouse clicks, as well as modify their embedded tags.

It is clear that Smart Cover Art was designed to provide you with a quick and easy method of tagging your files and assigning covers. For the most part, it does its job well, but some users may find its layout to be a bit confusing.

No documentation is available, something that first-time users would certainly have found helpful.

Smart Cover Art allows you to import all the video and audio files in a particular folder at once, and it is possible to process them all in one operation.

You can specify if the application should look for movie posters, DVD or album covers, as well as enter a custom search term.

The program displays the data stored in the file’s tag, and you can edit this information manually.

While some users may appreciate Smart Cover Art’s visual design, we found it to be quite disappointing. However, multiple skins are available, and one of them may be to your liking.

Sadly, the application responded to commands rather slowly during our tests, even though our system meets the listed hardware requirements.

Overall, Smart Cover Art is a helpful utility that enables you to find and attach cover art to your songs and movies, as well as edit metadata. It is a great tool for users who need to organize their collections, but it is not as intuitive as we would have liked, and its interface is in need of an upgrade.