The English language is complicated and contains a rich history of words, drawn from multiple different languages, and sometimes users will need to look them up to check their definitions. Smart Dictionary for Windows 10/8.1 is a dictionary program that searches online in various sources, to provide users with different definitions, synonyms and sometimes the history of the word.

The design of Smart Dictionary for Windows 10/8.1 is very modern and appealing, it operates in a large screen and a series of small areas. Every time users search for a word, multiple boxes appear that display the search results. The design would easily work for a touchscreen device, yet there are serious problems with how it operates.

The screen cannot be reduced or resized in anyway, it is either a fullscreen application or minimized completely. Along with the lack of just a smaller window, the scroll bar for each search result is not configured properly and blocks some of the text making it hard to read. The options to adjust the window are also hard to select, users have to hover the mouse at the top of the screen until the button appears.

There are some key features that Smart Dictionary for Windows 10/8.1 lacks that are inexcusable. The biggest problem with the Smart Dictionary is the lack of a suggested word if users spell a word incorrectly. The application simply says no results are found and doesn't suggest potential words that the user meant.

This oversight means users will have to use an online resource to check the spelling, and might as well look up the word online themselves while they are checking spelling. Users also cannot adjust the result areas, expand them or enlarge them, or go to the source page and view it in greater detail. The lack of customization and control is a serious issue that might prove to be a major inconvenience for users.

The problem with Smart Dictionary for Windows 10/8.1 is that it is almost a very good program, the design, idea and execution are all well done. Unfortunately, there are a series of minor oversights and lack of options that individually are not significant issues, but they have larger ramifications. All in all, Smart Dictionary for Windows 10/8.1 needs work before it can be truly recommended.